First "date", freaked out (a little bit), please help?

The story goes like this. I have met this girl looooong time ago. We were part of a organization but both of us dropped our memberships from there (she did it so earlier than me). Me and my friend use to call her, in a sort of private joke "the elf" for her pixie -like face features, so when seeing her, we'll say "there goes the elf!". We met just now in an event of the same sort of organization we were involved before in the city, and surprisingly she looked hot. My friend pointed that fact out as well, and he told me "if you don't talk to her, I'll do!", so he went to talk to her, but somehow he arranged a "tandem session" between us (she would teach me German and I would teach her Spanish), but it seemed it wasn't taken seriously. But in the middle of the presentations on the event she left, she approached me and gave her email address written on a small piece of paper. She asked me to send her an email and we can contact each other.

Now a lot of doubts come to myself. I am a total dork when it comes to dating and stuff. Of course I don't consider our potential meeting as a date itself, but it could be a good starting point, as I like the girl somehow and it would be interesting to flirt with her and see what happens. My last serious relationship was over late last year, got my heart broken and it would nice to give myself a new chance and who knows? With this girl. She seems to be a little bit shy and I was surprised that she wanted to meet me in a sort of face-to-face encounter.

Tips and advices for this "first" date would be highly appreciated.


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  • I do not know what sort of girl she is, but I'm going to assume she is a typical woman that would appreciate common dating etiquette, so here goes:

    -Compliment her but use genuine observations. "Hey, you have the most beautiful laugh!"

    - Try to slip in what you consider "relationship behavior", but be very subtle. Example, if a guy told me, "Well, I grew up with a bunch of sisters, so I guess I'm just used to opening doors for ladies." That would indicate you are a real catch- 'cause you were raised right!

    -Mention any interesting hobbies you have that might interest her. Example, "Well, after this I'm going to go finish that painting I've been working on..."

    -Ask her about her dog or cat or bird if she has one and remember the details- the breed, its behavior, its name. People love people who love their pets. Do not forget its name and gender.

    -Act like a gentleman: open doors and let her finish speaking, try not to swear and try to be extra nice to her. You will stand out from MANY guys she already knows. Women get jealous of girls who have boyfriends like that, that's how powerful it is... xD Good luck, friend!


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