The guy I've been texting is talking to someone else?

I've just been casually texting a guy and he's been really flirty. My friend said that she heard he's been talking to some girl on and off for a while now. I may have happened to see her social networking profiles... She's got this picture of them all over her profiles! But it's all the same picture on every website... but in her Twitter/Instagram profiles she also has his twitter handle linked and nothing else but a peace sign. But he has nothing of her anywhere and is extremely flirty when we meet up at parties or text. So is he not really as into her as she is to him? I'm not looking to be his girlfriend, I just want someone fun to hookup with.


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  • Then why stalk the other girl? If you just want to have some fun, then just go with it and see what happens. He's talking to you right now, so he obviously has some interest right? Why worry about the other girl? They aren't a couple so she's a non issue right?


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