How do I respond to he shy? Is he joking?

Met a guy on a dating app. We have spent the last 2 weeks having an on going conversation. Natural progression to fb, phone numbers and now a "date" all initiated by him.

Today I asked what he was up to and he said he was sailing. He than asked me and I said that I took some residents (I work in a nursing home) out to Mcd***s, he responded "Haha Can I come?"

So I said "Absolutely! Take me on the boat and I'll take you to Mcd***s"

He replied consider it a date

I said 'Hey I'm so down if you are!"

Than he said "Haha sounds like an amazing first date"

Now I'm sure what to say, I haven't been in the dating scene that long because I was with a guy for like 5 years and this is the first guy I've had contact with of this nature.

How should I respond?

"I'll settle for a beer instead"?

Im not sure if he is joking...or just beating around the bush...and McDicks is McDonalds ha ha I forgot that they block out certain words


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  • Just go with the flow? It's original, you seem to have it going nice and all, so just go for it. Cancelling that and trying to arrange something else, like more 'normal' dates will just be awkward for both of you.

    Just get on that boat and I bet it will be a great day for you two :)

    • Thanks for your response! He said he was serious about going on a date with me. We were suppose to go tn but he got called into work (no biggie), another time!

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