Getting mixed signals from him, is he interested?

I met this guy online , we were texting back and forth for a week nonstop and finally decided to meet. We had a great time and he kept sneaking in "You know what, I like you already" here and there during the date. He held my hand every chance he could get, kept hugging me around the waste, and finally kissed me at the end of the date. After the date ended, he texted to make sure I got home OK and we were texting nonstop all night as we had been doing before we met.

He texted me late about 3-4 times on Friday night, I had work the next morning so I didn't reply until the next day. But I noticed since then his responses have been shorter and shorter. Yet, he has been the one initiating the text messages everyday since we met.

He knows I am busy with school/exams coming up and I am guessing he is busy with work as well. I just feel like maybe he is losing interest in me? He use to text me all day before and now even when we text he has short answers.

Anyway, I would like to see him again so I asked him a few days ago if he was free tomorrow after work. He replied right away saying that sounded good. Today I didn't get the usual "initial" text from him so I sent him one. He said he was very busy but was replying pretty quickly. I asked him if he was going to be busy tomorrow as well (seeing if he wanted to cancel or not due to inconvenience) He said he would be busy til Friday but would have time to see me tomorrow.

I guess I am just confused with the short messages plus him wanting to see me. Is he interested? Why isn't he really showing it? If he wasn't interested, why would he still make time for me?

PS - I HATE DATING, I am not good at figuring guys out and usually am too nice to everyone I like and end up getting burned.


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  • You have done enough to show him you are interested so the ball is in his court. Go on the 2nd date and see how it goes, don't push it. Let him take it from here. Time will tell.


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  • if he is still texting you, he is still interested. I wouldn't read too much into the shorter texts.