We went on a date with this guy and he has not texted me, is he into me?

I went on a date with this guy.. we talked for like 3 days all day. we saw each other on like the 4th day in the evening.. then he when I went home he said that he wanted to see me again. He didn't message me the day after.. the day after that I asked him if he wanted to go for coffee that week. He said Wednesday (it was Monday when I texted him) then Wednesday I asked him if he wanted to hang out and he said he did but not too late because he had work in the morning , I replied and I said that we could hang out for a bit or reschedule but he didn't reply.

He added me on isntagram and on Facebook.. but he still has not texted me.. what do I do or what does this mean? I really thought we had a good base


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  • cut your losses and move on. he's not that into you. he might come back later and give you more attention but just know that his interest level in you is low

  • Hard to say what it means from his end but on your side, quit the texting and let him get back to you. If a guy is interested in a girl, he makes time.

    • Yeah I think your right.. and he keeps liking all of my instagram pictures also

    • That's a good sign. But I know from personal experience that continuing to text someone who doesn't reply makes you look desperate and needy and that is a HUGE turn-off to guys!

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