How long until he should know if he wants to be with me?

I've only been on 2 dates with this guy. Over the course of 2 weeks. I've had a ton of my time wasted previously, and would like to avoid it from happening again. He has said he wants something serious, but those are words, and I believe actions hold far greater value. He has a dating profile up, and although apparently hasn't been on any other dates besides ones with me, I know he's still talking to girls and still looking around. I personally like my men one at a time, so he is the only one I'm pursuing at the moment. How long until he shouldn't have his profile up, shouldn't be talking to other girls and should start pushing for a relationship? Generally speaking. I was thinking around 4 or 5 dates.


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  • I don't think there is a rule for this. It depends on the guy.


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