Is it weird to talk about future with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Hey! I thought I posted this earlier but I guess not...

Anyway, I have a boyfriend and we're like serious but I'm only a freshman in college and he's a third year and we've been dating like 6 months and go to school in different states. Sometimes we talk about super random things like kids and like "When I'm married.." and stuff and not like necessarily to each other but married ya know, but is it weird? I like accidentally said I saw myself ending up alone the other day in front of him and two of my friends think its weird that we talk about like future stuff since we've only been dating a while... sorry this isn't exactly a question but what do y'all think? Do you do this too?


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  • I used to that when I was sixteen with my boyfriend, it was just talking about the future, he even told me he didn't believe in marriage,lol, it's almost 12 years after now and we're married.