I know it's only been a day since he came back but should I be worried?

So here's the deal. This guy I've known through mutual friends has been pursuing me for a while. We dated briefly in the past but I ended up back with my ex and ever since he has tried to ask me out again. I rencently starting dating him again and it seemed withing the first two weeks things were going great I saw myself being in a relationship with him. We hung out a lot and he always made the plans to see me. Then after two weeks he told me he was going on a 2 week trio in Europe. He called me two days before he left to talk and told me he was having anxiety about all the stuff he needed to do before his trip. I gave him some advice and then he told me even though he was super busy he wanted to make some time for me before he left so we hung out that night. Then during his trip he didint talk much he didint have text and his wifi was limited (thats what he said) but we still sent each other snap chats and I made small talk on fb. He came back yesterday and I sent him a text asking how he was feeling about being back and stuff and he wrote back a huge message telling me he's already stressed for his exam in a month. he said he would go to the lib every day. I don't want to sound stupid but I'm wondering if that's his way of telling me to back off and that he doesn't want to see me anymore. I just feel like since he left I've initiated a lot of the contact and now that he's back he could have called, Even if he is busy he could try to make plans to see me at one point if he missed me. what's going on? Did he lose interest? I know its only been a day he came back but should I be worried?


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  • Sorry but I think he's lost interest. If someone wants you they make the time especially after being so far away.

  • I learned to not bother initiating contact. I keep myself busy. If they are interested, they slwould make contact. It's working so far.

    Get on w. your life don't bother him. If he comes back enjoy. If not have fun doing your own things. ;)

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