Are there some girls out there that are like this?

...I am gonna go on my 7th date on Fri with same girl. She told me she takes things slow. She tells me when its OK to kiss her. She has kiss my cheek and I do like her alot. Are there some girls out there that are like this?

She knows I wanna kiss her, but I am not sure how long I would go out. Every time I ask her out, she never cancels and always goes out with me. She did just move her from out West. I sometimes feel like I am am being used as a time waster. But than again after last date kissing my cheek, made me think.


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  • Some girls are just this way. Are you spending a lot of money on her?

    • she has paid for a lot of dates as well

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    • Last date I was gonna try, but she told me you better not get to close . Always cheek that's all she wants for now. tells me no kissing "yet", so I feel like if I keep going out she eventually will let me.

    • It sounds odd to me but to each there own. Good luck hopefully you will get to first base some day. Hopefully all the sparks and fireworks will be worth it.

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