Ladies, where do you think I stand with her?

Ill give you highlights of her and my history

-Met 3 months ago. Went on three really good dates, the third of which I ended up spending the night with her at her place

- The morning after I stayed at her place she freaked out saying we were moving too fast and wasn't sure if she was ready for a relationship and thoughy it'd be better to not talk anymore. After 3 days I text her and she responds basically saying she doesn't know what she wants so I leave her alone. 3 days later she tells me she made a big mistake and wants me to give her another chance.

- We hang out a couple more times, then one day she tells mr she thinks her and I have different ideas about what's going on between and we end up not talking for three weeks. I thought it was weird because on one of our dates she flat out asked me if I was still seeing other people and then said she called dibs on me but I didn't want anymore drama so I decided I wasn't going to chase her this time

- three weeks later (last week) she texts me out of the blue. It a general catching up convo but she added she missed me. So I clicked her fb which id avoided for weeks and noticed it said she was in a relationship. I confronted her and she said her and her ex decided to try dating again but she realized it was a huge mistake after two days and was too embarassed to change her status back.

- I tell her we can try starting over fresh with a clean slate if she wanted and we had to agree to be 100% honest from that point on, she said "of course I want to do that"

-she works and goes to school so in the week we've been talking again we haven't seen each other yet but text daily. Some of the texts she sends me are sexual in nature, but in a joking way

Thursday we had plans to hang out but she had to cancel (I know for a fact her excuse was legit)

-we have plans to get lunch tomorrow if our schedules allow it.

- I started texting good morning most mornings and she said "awwwthat made my day" the fjrst time I did it and has told me "I always look forward to your good morning texts"

- I have realized I initiate probably 75% of our conversations, and sometimes she goes multiple hours before responding, but she's really busy.

So what do you think? Do her and I have any hope at a future or she just flakey and I'm gonna get hurt again?


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  • she seems to be into you, but she also seems like she likes to play games. I don't know if its worth the heartache

    • 20 days later and not much better with a lot of heartache thrown seem to be right

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  • To me it doesn't sound too solid. If you are wondering where you stand in someone's life, you are definitely standing on uneven ground.

    I have one word to describe this girl: DRAMA. This is what it sounds like to me. She seems to like the idea of guys liking her, but has a hard time making a decision because she doesn't know what she wants. And if she has to make a choice about what she wants and then decides, she goes back on that decision and chooses the other. Sounds to me like she wants everything.

    Well, we can't have everything. She has to decide what she wants.

    You say she is giving you a chance, but I would be careful. This girl is flakey IMO.


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  • Looks like she's too insecure at the present moment to know what she wants.

    Probably dated you as a rebound, then realized she still loved her ex, then you didn't insist when she blew you off, which made her think of you.

    Doesn't sound too solid at the moment.