Crazy about this man, but is there a thing I can do?

I am 50, been dating a man 51 I met online. We are an hour apart. He was married 25 yrs, wife wanted divorce, and he has been single 3 yrs. I was married 24 yrs, husband wanted divorce, divorced 2.5 yrs.

From the moment I met him he sent me dozen roses day after first date, called incessantly or texted, sent song links, has told me he took his profile off day after met me as he really likes me, had a great time dating about once a week. I went to a wedding in Cabo for my son. He texted me, talked to me and supported me while there, etc. I saw him two weeks ago Sun eve for a concert, and had a great time. We have dated 6 weeks.

When we saw each other two weeks ago we planned to see each other that Tues. Then Monday eve he called and said he forgot about an important tax appt and couldnt. We talked two hours about life, feelings, etc. I told him he was very open for being hurt, almost without fear. He said, well let me tell you about you, you are so calm and easy to be around and that allows me to be myself. So it is really because of you. We shared hurts from past divorces etc.

Then, he had credit card stolen and accts opened and dealt with that on Tues with appt on taxes. Then, on Wed he called me and said a bunch of deals fell apart, and a guy from work offered to let him go to mountains with him for two days, and he would be gone Thurs, Fri, back Sat morning. The friend's wife and son were flying in on Sat. and he would be back. I didn't hear ANYTHING Thurs, Fri, Sat. so Sun I sent a message saying I felt like I was getting mixed messages as he called all the time and now nothing. He called, said he was really stressed about work, and thought his 17 yo daughter may be developing an eating disorder. He explained he wears his feelings on his sleeve, and that he retreats to solve problems. He said he was sorry, but that it wasn't me I was wonderful. So, I told him if he needed space it was fine, that he just needs to communicate with me so I know.

So, that was Sun, nothing for three days. Thurs. I texted him I thought of him all week and missed the magic he brought to his life. He texted me saying, " Ohhh, give me a little time to find my smile. I have had a couple things knock me sideways. I am working on perspective, humility, and gratitude. I have had a major, major financial set back and as the responsible father of my girls I have to rally a bit and man up.Ill get there and I promise I will get back to you.

Nothing after that for 3 days. I texted him that I felt like he shut me out and that I Haven't been left with anything to hold onto, so I have to move on with my life. I apologized for his struggling and wished him the best of outcomes. A few hours later I realized I didn't want to push him away, but I was hurt. I left message saying I sent the text based on emotions without checking with my logic. I told him I would like to talk if he had time. I Haven't heard has been 2 weeks. Looked at his Facebook and he changed jobs last week

Actually it has been over 3 weeks since he last messaged me that Thurs. Hasn't responded to the voice mail or text I sent two weeks ago
Ok, no men to give advice here?


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  • yeah it just sounds like he's going through a lot especially if he's having financial problems. I'd give it more time and give him that space you told him you would respect. if you are genuine in waiting until he has time to talk or is in a better place in his life then I would wait it out. sometimes people go through personal things that they just don't want to get other people involved in especially if you two are still getting to know each other. take care.