Why won't he call after a great hook up?

honestly I wasn't too into it but I'm really turned on when I know that I'm turning on the guy. so I "hooked up with this guy and after making out for the first time he was like "wow...i really didn't expect you to be that good" and kept saying that I was a good kisser. and so of course, things moved on, and even then, he kept saying that I was soooo good. not even exaggerating. but honestly he wasn't that great but his compliments to me was what kept me going haha

ANYWAY I know this is kind of a pride issue on my side, but after that night, he hasn't called/texted anything at all, not even once and I feel kind of dumbstruck.

so the question is, is it normal for guys not to call after hooking up? if not, why isn't this dude calling me


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  • It was probably just that. A one time hook up. He probably knew you were insecure, so he kept commenting you. Took it where he wanted... How long have you known this guy?

    Not to be a jerk, but what attracted you to him? I want to find a girl like you, not just for a hook up, but I need more relations or relationships... Ya know?


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  • So yall had sex? cause your saying hooked up but its a kiss. Well, obviously it wasnt that good cause you haven't heard from him again. Could be he met someone else had more of a connection with or just wasnt that into you. Either way it doesn't mean you are a bad kisser and it doesn't matter to every guy how good you are. there are plenty of girls out there that can do it better and sometimes the guy may not be into something else about you and the kiss was just nice at the time being but now he's moved on. Yes, it is very normal for most guys to do this.

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