First date with someone I met on okcupid, how to...?

Haven't been in the dating field for years, and first time on a date with an absolute stranger.Getting together for coffee.

-Does it matter who gets to the coffee shop first?

-How long should the date last?

-How to end the date if I'm not comfortable?

-how not to share my phone number if I'm not comfortable?


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  • - No. Be on time, just to show you are polite.

    - As long as you feel good, talking to him.

    - If you don't get along, tell him (if you are courageous enough) or pretext something to do to leave (but then send him a message saying you're not clicking)

    - He has seen your picture. Just set a meeting point where you'll be sure not to miss each other.

    • we have'nt exchanged numbers yet. are we supposed to exchange numbers before the date? and do we have to exchange number on the first date?

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    • lol I'm not secretive, I'm just not comfortable sharing my number with an absolute stranger, plus planing to meet up with more than one person over the coming few weeks, and I would only like to share my number with the person I like the most.

    • Well don't share it then. You could also get a prepaid sim card just for that occasion as well.

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