Why do guys just disappear?

Why do guys just stop calling or answering your text messages?

My friend relationship was shaky but they were getting on last text he sent her he told her he loved her. Than nothing...no calls no answering her text messages..when she tried to ring him the phone went straight to voice mail.

She is baffled..if he wanted to end it...why didn't he just say so..she is left hurt by his actions.

Any clues guys or gals?


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  • ...I thought everyone knew that guys are all magicians in training, were working on our disappearing act! : D


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  • I hate when they do this , sometimes it means that he was so shy that he couldn't give it to her straight forward - or found it difficult to break up with her - so they tend to take the disappear move instead

  • "What is the best way to break up with a girl?"

    "Just never speak to her again."

    Seems she didn't get the memo, though.