Difference between "I'm waiting for you to contact me so I know you're into me" and "I'm not into you"?

I've read that sometimes guys want girls to take initiative into texting and asking to meet up and chatting online because they want to know if she's into him or if she likes texting/chatting/... with him. I totally get that. But then there are situations where a guy doesn't contact a girl, not because he wants her to make a move, but because he's not into her. When do we know if we're the first or the second case?


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  • By making the move. If he doesn't answer, he's not interested, or if the discussion that follows seems to show a lack of interest.

    Come on. It doesn't take much courage to text/mail a guy saying "what's up?"

    • I know, it doesn't, that's why I do it. But I'm not sure if he's into me or not, so I don't want to bother him. He always replies and we usualy text a bit back and forth then. But maybe he just doesn't wanna say he's not into me?

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    • Yeah, just send him a text to confirm the event. Mindreading not being an option ;)

    • He'll remember Saturday, but I'm not asking him about the movies. If he wants to go with me, he would've remembered.

  • There's no subtle way to distinguish. Your best bet is to just ask him outright. If he's a decent guy, he'll tell you straight.


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