The ole story: guys not callin but....

I met a guy I know for like 6 years a week ago on a party. We haven't seen each other for about 2 years,because I travel a lot and be not much around. every time in the past, when we met, we made out a little bit, but it never came to an end because he was always too drunk. Same story this time, except for the fact we've been in his flat and he really tried to make me sleep with him. I had to tell him, again, he is too drunk. But because I was getting tired of this, I passed him my number and told him, he should call when he's sober. Until today, nothing happened. I know that he works a lot, like 7 days a week...but I usually keep it with the ''3 days rule''...So, after all this, I really don't understand why he is not calling...I pointed out very clear I guess, that if he would call we could meet for sex. (Because I'm not looking for a relationship right now and it is kinda obvious that this is, what he wanted from me^^) When I was about to leave, he asked for a goodnight kiss and I responded:'' well if you walk me to the door, there might be a chance''. So he ''jumped up'' right away, cuddled me from behind and we walked like that to the door and kissed. At this point I was a 150% sure he would defo call...So why the hell didn't he? I think I'm missing sth here...


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  • if you wanna have sex with him why didn't you go with it in his flat ? .. or you want it but you want him to work for it so it appears that you are the one with the high-status .. one more thing .. maybe he seemed interested in you because he was drunk not cause that's what he really wants so he didn't call you when he sobered up

    • thanks for your input.I went with him inside to meet his new dog.And I want to have sex with him, but not when he's drunk and I dont.

      I don't think its your last point, he knows my dad and I found out he is quite recently asking about what I'm up to and where.

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  • 1. Busy
    2. Memory lapse due to alcohol
    3. Consequences for him that are secret from you

  • Maybe he was drunk and forgot the invite to sex.

  • You know where he lives.Go and see him after work,when he will most likely be quite sober.
    You might be pleasantly surprised at the reception you get.

    You can evaluate the situation from there,instead of guessing.

    • thing is, he has two workplaces and I don't know exactly when he is at home...i could organize his number I quess...but wouldn't that be a little awkward?

    • As George Burns often said, "Do it!".What have you got to lose?It's a big world and anything can happen.I'm sure he won't be offended if you phone or turn up.

    • you know what...i think I'm gonna go with that...i really got nothing to lose,let's give it a shot...

  • Could it be that he wanted you as a girlfriend and not as a booty call, and that the way you reacted the last time made him think you just wanted sex ?
    Or that he just can be relaxed enough when drunk ?

    Anyway, how about just asking me ? You've been pretty cold so far, so I don't see why you should hesitate about this.

    • Anyway, how about just asking him*

    • uhm...if he wanted me as a girlfriend, why would he try to have sex with me immediately, instead of maybe talking...and getting to know me better or askin me for a date...

      there might be a little chance, that he's protecting himself, as of I'm not much around. Because he said during the night once: you will always be prettier, but you're never here.

      anyways, I don't have his number, if I would have, I had called him already :(

    • Well his remark tend to confirm what I said. He's tempted but in the end, there is no point.

      Maybe that's why he is only getting drunk while with you.

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