What is going on in his mind?

This guy was chasing me for first 3 weeks. Then he suddenly stopped and started to contact me less. He is always bringing up that he is not ready for a relationship, even though he enjoys my company. Last night we kissed and I proposed him to spend a one day with me and this creeped him out and told me he has a desire to kiss me, but then he feels guilty about it and he "doesn´t feel it". We are seeing each other for 2 month, once in a week. What is going on in his mind? I feel a strong chemistry and we have so much common topics, so I don´t get why he is leaving me now. What can I do to win him back?

Today he posted a very sad French song on Facebook from a signer I really like (and he knows it) and the song is saying "Why our crazy love will remain nothing but ashes? I, I'd like the earth? to stop to go down and instead you tell me you don't want the rope to hang yourself". Do you think he posted this song for me and he´s missing me?


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  • You can't change men to want you back. The only thing you can do is move on.