How do I tell a guy that his neediness is REALLY bothering me?

This guy texts me ALL day, every day! We aren't dating. We're friends, but I thought it might turn into something... and now I'm just so annoyed I don't know if I can handle it. If I don't reply to texts, he'll write me AGAIN with a new question... maybe an hour later, maybe two. He rarely lets things slide though. It's just question question question all the time.

What do I do!? Is this an indication of how he'll be if we date? I mean, he's driving me nuts. I like him a small bit and now I'm so turned off! I've never had this happen with a guy! It's usually always me bugging them or so it seems!


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  • In the past I was in the same shoes of your needy friend. Talk with him. Explain the situation and your discomfort. After that, if he'll change his attitude, give him a second chance. If he'll continue to bother you, just keep ignoring him or maybe even block his number or something like that.

    • Over text? I haven't seen him for a while. I feel bad! I just want to be like, do you have a mental problem!?!?

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