Girls: when you're dating someone new (1st, 2nd, 3rd dates), do you like it when he shows affection?

When you start dating someone new, during the first couple of dates, do you like it when he's affectionate, like hand holding and kissing? I just met a great girl, and were about to go on our third date. We text and talk a lot, but if you were her, would you like the affectionate things? Would you like it if he also called you gorgeous or beautiful, or is it too early?


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  • I would definitely be okay with holding hands or kissing on the third date if I really liked and felt a connection with the guy. I hate when guys force the first kiss, though -- you should wait until the moment feels right, like after a laughing fit when you guys are just left sitting and staring into each others' eyes (I apologize for how cheesy this sounds). Personally, I would much rather a guy just call me by my real name and say, "you're beautiful" -- it sounds more personal to me, but the girl you're seeing may think differently!

  • Yes, then I'd know for sure he sees me as a romantic partner.


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