She's seemed distant lately, not sure what I've done or what to do?

So me and this girl have been texting (haven't met) but I acted stupid with her a few weeks ago, but we had been getting to know each other.

This was the conversation.. link

Her last reply was last Saturday and she randomly took 5 days to reply, like I've done something to annoy her in the past week, but I can't figure out what.

Someone suggested that I might have been on the "marmite" topic for too long, so the Monday just gone I texted her "Was away at the weekend, I met your twin also". It's been nearly 3 days since and no reply.

She replied 5 days later last time, so surely I must have been in her thoughts during that time for her to text back?

What should I do, just wait it out until she contacts me? Or should I send something today? I'm not sure what I would text, as I don't want to act needy or desperate. I really have no idea what I've done wrong for her to be like this.

What should I do?


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  • jus tmove on from the whole freakin marmite topic. I also figure that if a girl doesn't seem to engage and that would sort of mean take a topic and go a step further with it that it is probably not something she really is interested in discussing. I don't think at this point you should do anything in particular. if you want to just say, 'hey haven't heard from you in a bit, how are ya?" that would be fine but I would try to broach a whole new subject. one that she seems engaged in and more excited to talk about


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  • i think she just doesn't get you

    • How do you mean? I decided to text her "Hey squeak, you won't believe what just happened..". She replied within the hour saying "What?". then I replied "Well, I was in a race alongside a giraffe, an elephant and a raging lion.. Then I realized you had to pay to ride the carousel.. Ideas on an escape plan?"

      Although I accidentally sent that twice, hopefully it raises a smile as I've been acting off with her lately, maybe she got fed up of that

    • she just doesn't seem to appreciate your humor, I think she doesn't get you

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  • I was in the same boat. Don't make my mistake, just wait. I don't know why she is acting like this, but I know that if you keep sending her texts, she will be even more annoyed.

    I don't think you said anything wrong or anything you should worry about.

    Right now the best thing to do is wait, even if I know it's not easy at all.

    • Damn, I didn't see your reply. I ended up texting "Hey squeak, you'll never guess what happened.." to spark some intrigue (this being 3 days after the last text I sent). Just seen I haven't had a reply for an hour, but I take it I should just wait?

      I know her birthday is just over a week away too, should I avoid messaging her/writing on her FB wall saying happy birthday and ignore contact completely from now on?

    • If she will not answer even to your last message, I think it will be better to stop contact her. If someday she will contact you again, you can decide if it's worth to talk to her again and in that case I'm sure there will be many more birthdays where you can wish her "happy birthday".