Dating a black girl. Give me your honest opinion...

would you not date a black girl solely based on the opinion that most black people are from the ghetto, especially when you think that she is " acting white"? what's the proper way to act, without having both those stereotypes put on you? I'm not fron the ghetto, and I'm tired of thisstereotype. I'm being myself, so don't give me that be yourself crap.


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  • I have dated black women and I would date another black girl with no problem. I don't care if she is from the ghetto or anything as long as her personality and interests are compatible with mine.


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  • If I wasn't married and I liked a black woman, I would date her (if she said yes, hehe).

    I don't know that the general opinion is that "most black people are from the ghetto", at least I hope not. I am white (my daughter married a 1/2 black, 1/2 white guy) - nice guy too but not because he is part white, that is just him - and my grandson is mixed as well - really cute kid.

    If your tired of the stereotypes then just keep doing what your doing and let the ignorant people stay that way. We each have stuff that we bring to relationships that are cultural, I've been lucky enough to have black friends that can joke about things when we see the ignorance being played out around us. They joke with me on my "whiteness" and I can joke with them about their "blackness". It is kept respectable because respect is there.

    Since my grandson is part black, there are times I think I get a nod of OK from some black people and I have clearly seen some black women glare at my daughter because of her son, I've seen similar looks from white women too but it is more of an "Ohhh!" than an angry glare.

    Stereo types are out there the best you can do is ignore them or have fun with them.

    • You are 27 years old and already a grandpa?? Did you have your daughter when you were 12 or something?

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    • Wow a young grandfather.

    • We were young and she was an overachiever and had to outdo us. I can joke about it (a little) now. It was rough going for a long time but God always seems to work things out. Hope my answer helped.


  • I think that your aggressive attitude is the greater problem. "don't give me that be yourself crap"? what's that all about?

    you can't control what people think of you. I can't control what people think of me.

    i'd date a black girl if I thought she was cute, and we seemed to have some things in common. I wouldn't assume she was some ghetto mama unless she acted like one -- there are a lot of Congolese immigrants at my college, none of whom act like pimps of ghetto playas.

    • Im sorry if it soundd like I hasd an attitude, but I didnt. I just wanted a variety of answers that avoided the usage of those words. thank for the opinion. there are some sensible people left after all.

  • Last time I checked race shouldn't matter on the topic of attraction... :P


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  • I think you put yourself on the defense. I know everyone has there own different tastes and what not, but you don't have to be so aggresive about it. I'm not completely black, nor am I completely white, but I've dated both, and I don't think that that should be about anything.. if you worried about someone thinking of a stereotype when they see you, then maybe those just aren't the people you should try and date. As for the "acting white" and "acting ghetto", how can you fear being stereotyped, when you by into them yourself?

    • No, you don't get what I'm asking. I'm trying to use this a research as to how people feel about this subject. I'm so sorry. I wasnt tring to be harsh. it just was read that way.