First time dating a Chinese guy...

Hi everyone,

So this question might sound ignorant, but I've just started dating a Chinese guy. He's absolutely amazing and I love every minute with him... He moved to Canada when he was 9 years old, so culturally, he's less more Canadian than Chinese...

But he really wants me to meet his family, and I'm stressed out because I don't know much about Chinese culture and want to make sure that I don't accidentally do something they might find offensive. I'm also afraid that they won't like me because I'm tall and I don't know... Just far from being Asian in any sense of the word (to be honest, I still can't figure out why he's attracted to me). I

really, really want his family to like me, so any tips on what I should or shouldn't do in terms of etiquette, etc. would be great!


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  • Don't worry about it, the Chinese are strong in their culture and traditions although I don't believe they expect others to know everything about them. In the way of etiquette China is a lot more forgiving than say Japan. General politeness obviously applies... But you should relax, if he was from Japan I would have a speech prepared for you... There is a lot of cultural rules and etiquette there. Most of what I know about Chinese culture is that they have strong beliefs and values, they have strong education, gambling and fortune telling are big parts of their culture. But as I said, they won't expect you to know everything about it.


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  • they may have expectations but if there was anything you really needed to know the guy would probably tell you. I don't know that there are any specific things I can think of that you could do to be offensive. if he feels comfortable introducing you to his family he must feel pretty confident that they'll like you.

    you could ask him directly though if you are really worried.

  • *more or less

    Asian dude's enjoy good grammar, math riddles, and noodles. It's not that complicated. Start the day off (after his three-inch penis penetrated you the night before) with a good "then means, than means" lesson. Move on to lunch (which is rice) and discuss quantum fluctuations in the space-time continuum. Finally, end the day with a bowl of noodles and bow to him before you go to bed.

    PS You need to learn karate.

  • Smile, and don't speak unless spoken to. And when spoken to, give non-controversial answers.


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  • be VERY polite. the first major argument me and my boyfriend had was because of his mom complaining to him that I lack proper etiquette on the phone conversation with her. wear something a bit more conservative, talk less that's what my boyfriend told me before, and don't be surprise if ever they would ask you about your job, your parents job, where do you live stuff like that... good luck! :)

    • well I'm just speaking from my own experience.. my boyfriend is half-Chinese btw.