Does space really help?

I met this guy on a dating site and things have naturally progressed, adding each other to fb, numbers, setting up a "tentative date" but he was on call for work so we rescheduled (later date, unknown)

Anyways for the past 2weeks we have chatted...every day..multiple times a day (sometimes 20-30 texts at most a day)...its getting tiring...I am NOT a texter only for plans but damn..

I can feel the convo going down slowly (clearly haha) but I feel like he will never contact me again if I don't keep the conversation going.

But space is good right? I'm a pretty distant person anyways and always struggle to keep in contact with people.


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  • I hate space, in a way I feel clingy... But I personally don't see why liking someone that much is a problem. It's like I want someone committed, but you're too committed, you're too available? I mean what is the issue. I mean it's obviously not at the stage where you're stopping them seeing friends or having down times etc. but it's just when people seem to think you are too interested?

  • in your case you gotta be a good texter cause its an online relation .. and one more thing .. you gotta be having an interesting conversation .. not the boring normal one .. one last thing .. space is just BS if you like someone and you want them in your life you will never need a break

    • It was pretty interesting, lots of banter and witty remarks being thrown around but like I'm talking about not texting him 20+ times a day haha

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    • already did and he message me after I message him the night of the "tentative date" and said he was on call for work + at his moms (which is cool) I than told him to let me know when he's free in the future and he said "haha I love beer"...what? haha

    • yeah I know that .. you wrote it in your question .. I meant arrange another one

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