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I want to kindly let this guy know that I'm not interested. He texted me

hey you :) and asked how I was and I just said plainly hey, I'm good, you? and then he said he was great and asked specifically how a couple things were going. I gave him a short nondescript answer back and didn't ask him anything in return so as to not encourage the conversation to continue. also, I waited an entire day to text him back each time (rude I know, but I want him to get the message without having to directly shut him down verbally). he hasn't texted me back yet...do you think he got the message? I don't want to be mean, because we hang in the same group of friends, but I want to make my position clear at the same time.


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  • just be like what do you want from me? listen and if he tells you he likes you or is interested in you or even if he wants to bang you, just say leave me alone thanks but no


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  • ok so you're not interested in this guy. hypothetically could he somehow gain your interest? if so how ?

    • Yeah maybe if he wasn't such an as.s

    • Oh then tell him you're not interested because he is an a**hole. Be blunt

  • How can you be friends with him, if you don't talk to him? That makes no sense whatsoever

    • We're not. We have mutual friends so at times we hang out in the same group of friends

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    • i'm just saying that I'm NOT friends with him and I do not WANT to be friends with him. I only don't want to make things incredibly awkward since we have mutual friends. in other words, I'd like to let him down by giving him the hint rather than flat out rejecting him.

    • Then just don't be around him. If you're around him, he thinks you like him. You may need new friends

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