Is this smooth? LOL just came to mind.

So I'm a sophomore in college and I have a general education music class. On occasion, we are assigned quizzes online, but you need to attend class to get a password unique to be able to take the quiz. Keep in mind there are like 150 people in the class, so I never sit next to the same people twice. I was thinking of waiting until the end of class (having sat next to a cute girl) and ask her to exchange numbers in case we ever couldn't come to class so we could give each other the password to the quiz. Then I would wait until the quiz day. I would text her something like "Hey. Sorry if this is a hassle, but I couldn't make it too class today and I would really appreciate it if you could give me the password. Thanks." Then after she gave it to me I would say "Haha just kidding I just wanted an excuse to text you because you are really cute." I like the thought here. I think it has potential. What can I do to alter this and make sure it works? Just so you know I'm not a player or whatever. But I'm kind of shy and I don't have any women in my life right now, so I thought it would be low-risk. Feedback?


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  • Depends on the girl. She may either think what you say is sweet or creepy. Maybe delete the "haha just kidding" part, and reword your sentence into something else. Otherwise, I like the excuse part.

    • "Actually I just wanted an excuse to text you. What are you doing later?"

    • "Actually I just wanted an excuse to text you because I find you attractive and I was hoping if you want to hang soon?"

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