Guy 100 miles away who seems into me but how to proceed?

Long story short. Talked to a guy on fb. Texted for a month or so. My friend has an apt in his town (2 hours away) I met him stayed at his place. No sex just lots of making out. He offered to come visit me. Texts stayed same after sleepover. Haven't heard from him in 2 days going on 3. I let him initiate opening texts. I want to date him NOT be a FWB. Went to a psychic who knew everything and said this guy has feelings. Do I stay at his place if opportunity arises this Sun night after the nFL game or stay at my friends? I'm not going to have sex. I won't until it's established dating.


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  • Most guys are going to assume that you are OK with sex if you had foreplay the last time you stayed with him--just saying...

    So staying with your friend would be my psychic insight!

    • Thanks yeah you're right I gotta stick with this plan. It's only OK for me to stay if he takes me out type deal

    • Good luck- send him this message

    • i stayed Sunday night. still nothing happened. other than makeout a little more. tons of cuddling. he texted that next night and nothing since. (that was Monday night) I won't text him.

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  • 100 miles away is too far.

    • I dunno. I only work three twelve hour shifts a week and so I have a lot of free time. I know people who have done it. Planes trains and automobiles Haha. I could always move

  • "Went to a psychic who knew everything and said this guy has feelings." You went to whom?

    • A psychic. First time ever going, I was never a believer but this girl knew all about my ex and said "did you meet a guy just recently?, he has feelings, but he's a big flirt, you're very attracted to him, etc."

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