Girls, decode this chick

I am gathering opinions because why not.

Awhile back, a girl I met a few months earlier started asking me to go dancing with her on Facebook.

I mean with messages saying we should dance with winky faces.

A few days ago, I got her number, gave her a call, and told her I wanted to dance with a date.

She was like "I'm actually seeing someone right now." (not surprising, she seems like a bit of a serial monogamist)

She then continued on to say, "But I still TOTALLY want to dance, and I'm flattered that you asked me out on *date*...I'm actually kind of..."

I then asked her what she was kind of.

She followed up with,

"I'm really flattered you asked me out on a date."

I laughed, because that was clearly not the kind of.

(Background on emphasis on date: I have made out with a couple of her friends...including, I think, her best friend. Specifically NOT dating them. Like, corrected them when they called themselves my date.)

Anyway, what do you think? Does she like me, yea or nay? I'm not hinging on it, but my own assessment would be "Somewhat to fairly interested, would consider dating in the future".

Which is honestly where I am with her -- I am super picky about the personalities/character of the women I date, and she's one of 2 (well, definitely 2nd place on that spectrum) I'd consider dating that I've met in the last 6-8 months or so. How much I'm into her kind of hinges on what she does with herself for the next year or two of her life, so I'm in no big hurry.


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  • I think she's interested because she agreed to go on a date with you, I also think she's either about to end things with the person that she's seeing OR things aren't going well so she is keeping her options open, hence why she agreed to go on a date with you.. keep your distance and don't get too emotionally attached but show her a good time, see how it pans out

    • ...She didn't agree to go on a date with me. She agreed to go dancing with me, in a non-datelike fashion. That was what was said.

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    • That actually wouldn't bother me in the least. I'm not exactly a random guy, though.

    • What are you then?

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  • Nope. Move on and I really don't like oh you place girls like its a race. Anyways, I don't think she's interested in you because if she were she would've gladly said yes. But if she is really seeing someone then that could be the real reason why she said no.

    • I'm moved on. I just like input on ambiguous cases, just in case.

      Anyway, I'm not saying another girl I was interested in her was 'better' than her -- although it definitely reads something like that. More just that the other girl had more easily identifiable traits that drew me to her.

      I find it funny the way you're assuming, by default, that she's lying about whether she's seeing someone else, though. That's kind of telling about your own character.

    • I never said she was lying. I said IF she said she's seeing someone else she COULD be telling the truth. That or maybe she knows what you did with her friends. If I knew that a guy that I liked hooked up with my friends then I wouldn't even give you the time of day. If I were her and I didn't want to see you I would tell you straight up why and not beat around the bush. You don't know my character or how I am for instance so don't let the internet make assumptions of a person. Thanks good day!

  • Yes I'd say she's semi interested... but strange. I don't really understand her messages "...I'm actually kind of..." WTF does that mean?

    • Yeah, she cut herself off. There were other people in the room, it sounded like. I don't know.

What Guys Said 2

  • Sounds like a typical confused woman

  • She's playing the field dude. Don't give her the attention she desires. You should have thrown it back in her face saying, Oh, I don't dance with girls unless they're single. Come on man! Don't let girls get away with this crap!

    • "Don't like girls get away with this crap". This is priceless. Thanks. How are the fedoras this season?