Why would guys still agree to date a girl who turn him down at first?

Lets say a guy confess to his female friend he has a crush on her, but she kindly said to him "lets just stay friends", but later own in life she change her mind about how she feels about him, after she apologize's for breaking his heart and ask for a second shot, he'll agree to date her.

There's no way ever will a girl still agree to date a guy who turn her down at first, after he changed his mind about her, "due to him developing feelings for her", even after he apologize to her for heart, she'd of still gotten over him.

That seems unfair if a girl has the right to change her mind on a guy and still win him over, but if the guy change his mind on a girl, it's too late for him.

Sometimes it takes even a while for guys to gather his thoughts and realize he let a good girl go to waste, knowing he takes relationships seriously.


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  • While I agree that there are often double standards, you can't make assumptions based on gender. There are exceptions but I do agree that what you're saying happens sometimes. Guys and girls just think differently.

    To be quite honest, I feel that a girl remembers things forever. She will probably always remember that the guy turned her down and hold it against him.

  • Two reasons. One, their ego's are too big to take no for an answer. Second, the culture has brainwashed guys into believing this is typical female behavior, and if you keep trying, eventually, she's change her mind.