Do you feel like you bother people when you text them?

I always feel like I'm bothering people when I text them. Especially guys or when I initiate a convo.

how do I know if am bothering someone?

I just don't want to be annoying with it, I just like talking to people :/ ha ha I can't help it I get bored and want a convo

Then I think I might have annoyed a guy I like cause he isn't texting me back tonight and he usually does. I think I'll let him be for the rest of the weekend (good idea)?


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  • In reality you're probably not bothering anyone at all, you just think you are because you're being self-conscious & insecure. So don't be! Every time you think you're being a annoying tell yourself that you're not at all and that you're just being stupid. Unless they tell you to f*** off, then I'd probably just leave them alone..


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  • The nice thing about text is people can respond at their leisure.

    The only way its annoying, at least IMO, is if you blow up his phone with a bunch of txts. Just send the one and wait for a response before sending another.

  • Texts are something that can be so over thought and over read into. I would ask them in person if they think you text them too much. I admit it does kinda feel like that sometimes though.


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  • If they respond you probably are not actually bothering them.

    As long as you don't send a million messages at one time, you are probably fine.

    I used to have the same feeling