Men and the disappearing act.... Do you forgive the apology? Is he genuine?

I was dating this man for 6 months. He was 31, I 22. We never had an official title. However it seemed it may head that way with little things he would say, such as meeting the parents. When I asked he stated he never saw a future for us. So I avoided him for a few days, spoke to him briefly, my last text I questioned why he felt he needed to mess with my mind. He never replied. I didn't hear from him for 2 weeks. I then receive messages, general chit chat, and then in the middle of all that, suddenly, 'I'm sorry it seemed I messed with your mind it was never my intention, I didn't know how to act, you are a really good person with a good heart and I never meant to make things complicated. It was really good getting to know you, I've def learnt a lot and really appreciate how you helped me break down my walls so we could have some real deep convo's.' I said 'I'm glad you feel that way'. So my question is, why the text? Why not stay disappeared? And is it forgivable? Is he just being a nice guy?


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  • This sounds like a genuine confession to me. He has some emotional blockage, and he knows it, and it causes him to vanish without explanation.

    Forgivable? At least he tried to explain as best he could. You can't ask someone with an emotional hang- up to be rational and reliable all the time.

    • Thanks for the insight :) also, it's his birthday next week, would not texting him be rude?

    • If you want to send a message you forgive him, remember his birthday! If you want to send a message you are upset...

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