Is he really serious about me?

So I meet this guy a while back, it's my friend cousin and he was really cool. So I finally decided to have a conversation with him on Facebook. Things were going good, he didn't hide his feelings for me. I got a text message from my friend, she sent me a screenshot of her convo with her cousin and the guy said that " he thinks I'm the one." She said it was out of the blue when she got that text from him. So could he really think that, we hung out today and he was such a gentlemen! It was amazing.


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  • What did he say to you? And how did the hang out go?

    That's really great if he said that! I'm happy for you :)

    • Well talking he was saying the first time he saw me he wanted to speak up but he was too shy, saying how beautiful I was, how smart I am basically everything a girl wants to hear. The hangout was last minute so we hung out in this park, he already had me meet his friends and than we sat down somewhere by ourselves and just talked. He walked me home and we kissed... Maybe a little to soon but it was the best kiss I ever had.

    • Aww that's sweet definitely! I hope things develop for you! :) Best of luck

      It might be a little quick but just make sure you are happy. :)

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