Thoughts on a guy living in a studio apt

I live completely alone in a studio apartment and have been for quite some time now. I want to know what girls think of a guy who lives in a studio because being somewhat new to this area compared to when I used to live at home I went the online dating route and the girls' profiles look very high maintenance. The laundry lists at the ends of girls' profiles are outright disgusting and make me realize why guys just use girls for sex and move on.

I have gone on some dates but I avoid dinner dates as I have had some girls disappear on me so I'd rather not fork out money for no reason.

The last girlfriend I had told me I could live in an igloo and she wouldn't care. But I want other girls' opinions on this. Is a studio apartment a good sign of independence? Or is not enough because it's not a house? Having a girlfriend is not a huge priority right now but if one comes along I'd like to know what kind of thoughts go into girls' heads because I know a lot of girls won't date a guy living at home with their parents and I can understand why after dating a girl who lived with her parents(a nightmare). Personally, I don't see the need to get anything bigger as I don't need a lot to be happy. I'd like to think that it shows independence in a way where a girl couldn't try to sneak moving in because I have heard of that before.


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  • I actually like studio apartments and loft apartments. I like everything being open, and how much space does one person need while living alone, you know?

    The only thing I would think of it would be, "He has his own place, GREAT!" That'd be it. I've dated guys that lived at home and guys with roommates before... I MUCH prefer dating someone who lives alone.

    • Living alone is definitely nice. No parents to make things complicated. No issues at all. Just gotta pay bills.

    • Yep.

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  • Definitely nothing wrong with a guy living in studio apt. If I was dating a guy and he lived in studio apt or house it would not matter to me. Some girls are shallow and some do not care about all that. When someone truly cares about you and values the connection you share what you live in would not matter at all.

    • agreed. I want to stay at studio apartment too but it is too expensive in my country

    • Yea and I don't insist on it from the other person unless it interferes with the relationship. A girl could live with her parents but if the parents are overbearing I would reconsider.

  • I think it's more your attitude instead of living in a studio. There is NO justification for anyone to use another person and dump them, period! Not for men or women!

    What you wrote here clearly implies that you feel intimidated by the profiles and are not confident in what you have to offer the opposite sex. This is NOT a good place to start for your own sake. Confidence in who you are and what you have to offer as a PERSON (NOT what you HAVE/material possessions) does MATTER to women.

    Yes, I want someone at my level, so what? It does not mean I look down on the guys who are not. It only means I should not really date them because they have this inferiority complex that will force me to be/achieve less - that's not a good match, and it makes for an unhappy relationship. BUT if guys didn't have this resentful attitude about it, then I wouldn't have to think about it that way, would I?

    All I'm saying is that men help create this environment, and BOTH sexes can stop looking at the other with insane standards or thinking one has to be better than the other - all we need each other is for love.

    • This is just another example of girls assuming guys are intimidated them without any reasoning. Why are you so defensive in your "standards?" First you say you want someone "of your level" right before saying what he has doesn't matter. Should I even bother?

    • What you have/material possessions is a standard theme in the laundry lists, at least on the dating websites.

  • to me it doesn't matter whether he lives with his family (nothing wrong at all), his friends or in a studio apartment alone. I want to get a studio apartment but it is too expensive here.

    where do girls want guys to live in?

    • I find the guys I talk to are much more understanding about living situations. They just watch out for girls who try to sneak moving in with them. Homeowners catch onto girls trying to "leave things behind" slowly.

      I will say though from personal experience that it is tough dating a girl who lives with her parents if the parents run her every move.

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    • @archer86 thank you, I was thinking who you are referring to but I guess it is me. :)

      I cannot understand the western part of the world till I am really into it, I will visit US one day to feel the culture.

    • US culture is viewed as lazy and obesity is at an all time high. But it is a free country.

  • At least he's on his own. It's not a big deal.


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  • If you are living within your means and a studio is the best way for you at this time, great. If women have a problem with that, then the hell with them. It's not about independence though it's better than living in your mother's basement at age 40+. I've lived in small apartments and was happy with it because I'm not a materialistic, possessive person.

    It also depends on the woman. A woman from a western culture would normally expect a lot, while women from other, less fortunate cultures would think your place is a palace!

    Make yourself happy first dude.

    • I honestly think I was happier before trying the dating out. Once I started hooking up NSA after dropping the heavy amount of dating I was doing my stress dropped significantly.

    • There you go. If the sex flings are working, stick with it. It's what I do. Only problem is that it is very expensive for me, particularly while going through college

  • Certain living situations imply a lot of things, and they're usually negative.

    Trailer park/boat = You're a redneck

    Living at home = You're a loser

    Living in a studio apartment = You're poor (even though most people live in one in a dense city)

    Living in a loft = You're a hipster

    You aren't your home. Girls don't meet you in your home (hopefully). You could live in a really big house but if the lawn is unkempt with car parts in the yard, dishes piling up in the sink and it reeks of garbage, it doesn't matter if you've paid off the mortgage before you're 30.

    It sounds like you live reasonably and a lot of people like that. If you take care of what you have, and what you have makes you happy, that's all that matters. If you constantly "explain" your situation, it shows you're not happy with yourself.

    Also, don't take those dating laundry lists all that seriously. I signed up for in January 2012 and I check in every so often on a free profile and I see a lot of the same girls on there. No one is making them happy, and I've looked at the guys in the area and there are some that meet all those laundry list requirements. If anything, they put it there to deter the desperate fat types...they don't want to sound like a bitch so they just say they want the opposite of what they consider unattractive/ a loser.

    What's funny is they're nothing special anyway. One girl bragged she was getting ready to buy her first property and how she just got her MFT, then I look at her profile a year later and she's in "Management" (even though I've seen her as a supervisor at a grocery store, lol!) and she keeps quiet about her living situation. The guys who meet those requirements laugh those bitches off anyway.

    • Yeah I honestly see the same thing where I live. The same girls' profiles there still active and I can only assume what I've read about those girls deserving "Mr. Perfect."

      I live very comfortably and think those profiles kinda make me wonder what girls are really looking for online. I've also been messaged by married women online and luckily I catch them.

      Even meeting those laundry lists just the fact that they put them in their profiles makes me not want to message them

  • If you look like Brad Pitt or One Direction, you could live in a garbage dumpster and still get ladies.