Texting him to much perhaps?

I've been chatting up a guy I always thought was hot. The past couple of days I've noticed he isn't really saying much and is taking longer than usual to text back :/

I don't want to be annoying with the whole texting thing I just like talking to him. I never send more than one text at a time and I usually initiate the convos! Should I back off some?


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  • He might be busy, or getting tired of it.


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  • Yeah but don't feel bad he could be doing other things like working or school. But yes wait till he writes you back or text you first.

    • I was actually thinking I'll just let him be for the remainder of the weekend and if I don't hear from him Monday I'll text him then. He did mention tonight he was just relaxing tonight so maybe he didn't want to be bothered tonight. Who knows?

      I'm an over thinker though :/ he didn't text back once and I'm all like omg he thinks I'm annoying when that might not even be the case. I guess I feel like I'm trying to show him I'm interested by giving him all my attention...

    • Waiting is something I'm not good at ha ha I'm to impatient lol. I kinda like being one to start up the convos doesn't bother me one bit :) but I totally understand where you're coming from with the whole wait for him thing.

      Lol as you can tell I am pretty talkative lol