Is this what dating is like? What next?

i met him two months ago from online dating, been out on 9/10 dates. he likes me, text me every day just to say hi, how is my day going...but it doesn't get too into it.

i like phone calls, so he is calling maybe every other day. but all text and phone conversations are short...nothing in dept.

first date told me to take my profile out (which I just signed up. I didn't take it off the dating site)

few weeks into dating, tells me he wants to see me everyday, but is too busy...week after he is in class M-Th. for the next few months...(he thought he told me about this class)

so I didns't see him for two weeks (he was away from town last weekend) then tues. asked me to go out. had nice dinner last night. but I feel a bit disconnected.

he is always asking what I am thinking when we are out. I was rather quite or maybe tired.

i have said I like to go away like hiking, but made no plans to spend day date yet.

didn't meet ea. others friends yet.

we have been intimate twice.

i haven't been to his place.

He is sweet, times flaky about what he said to me.

i am starting to get confuse

what is it like for you dating wise? and what's next...?


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  • Is this the first guy you've ever dated...?

    • haahah you are looking at my age ...

      came out of a very long term relationship lol...was with that guy over 10 yrs. ... then alone for a few months...back to dating strange to me

      what do you think?

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    • i am not sure what I want at this point either. I am dating around and seeing another guy. both make me feel uncertain.

      one time he told me he doenst want to see other girls. and thsoe he see was only one date. (should I take his words selriosly).

      we were intimate twice. didn't' see ea. two weeks. in between tells me he needs me and for fun sent me a sexy pict. but when we met, he was very happy and then last night, I wanted to be with him. He didn't really seem like, we only made out.

    • i am just wondering if dating is like this? seem like such games and not much of trust.

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  • this is just speculation, but are you sure this guy isn't married or have a live in gf?

    • i start to wonder myself...i don't would one know loll

      if he is truly honest...he had three long term relationships

      his roommate became bad...the guy said he would keep his 2 months he decided to not pay rent...till the guy evicts him (which I question his character)

      but he is supposed to be a buddhism and he seem like a very kind caring man...

    • he works in the city and takes care of his occasionally esp. during winter time...

      all other family members moved to the suburbs like 2 hrs. he visits them almost every other week

  • so why haven't you been to his house yet?

    • he is in a bad roommate situation...but saying he is trying to get a place to move out...i am having some trust issue here

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