Is a good morning text a telltale sign that a girl likes me?

I've never had a girl shoot me a good morning text unless I was dating her. Now, this girl I've been talking to for a few weeks sends me one this morning. Is that any sort of indication that she's into me?


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  • Possibly, although that's not a full proof way of knowing.

    That COMBINED with other evidence may prove she likes you, but that alone really doesn't, to me.

    I sent hellos and good mornings to friends all the time, it doesn't mean anything special to me. But it may to someone else.

    I say look at her other behaviors and habits WITH that.

    • Yeah, I didn't think it was solid evidence or anything. Thanks for the advice.

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    • Haha! Well, thanks for selecting at all.

      I'm sorry you didn't get more answers :-\

    • Meh, no big deal, yours sufficed.

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