After you stopped dating someone did you miss him/her?

Have you ever missed a person that you stopped dating because things started to get serious and you had to get your priorities straight? Did you tell that person that you wanted out because things started to get serious and you were not ready or you just got distant? Do you think when a person say they are focused on something and don't have time for dating do you think it is an excuse? What is your story?


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  • Some think it's about perseverance in the face of adversity but I don't believe it with newly minted relationships. When you're two individuals existing as one, as in long standing relationships, you draw strength from one another in tough times; there's a balance. When you're two individuals living as two, as in two identities clashing for cohesion, it's simply one more layer of complexity.

    I think successful relationships are as much about timing as they are love.


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