The guy I like cuddles & holds hands with me, talks to me all the time, etc but never flirts?

So we've only been hanging out for 3 weeks and ALWAYS go out in groups. We're in different colleges but he's moving away to a different country after Christmas so I know we have no future together. We have never gone out on dates alone but we get time alone sometimes. Even when we hang out in a group we pretty much ignore everyone. I probably see him 3-5 times a week. I really like him and it's a struggle not to get too attached cause he makes me so happy.

I've slept with him in the same bed a few times already, have been to his place several times and we've only kissed once so far but we've never had sex or done anything sexual beyond kissing. We cuddle, hold hands publicly in front of our friends and have deep conversations alone yet he has never flirted with me sexually nor has he ever complimented me in any way. We're not in a relationship and not casually dating either yet we act like a couple.

It's weird cause we've only kissed once but we've been alone one too many times and all he does is cuddle, hold my hand and talk with me for ages. I love talking to him but I find it kinda weird that he doesn't initiate the kissing... What's up? I feel like I like him way more than he likes me :/


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  • Maybe he doesn't want to flirt in front of his friends. Go out on a date just the two of us for the next time to see if things are different when you two are alone