Yet another texting question about a guy.....

Say that you really like this guy/girl and you text them and they don't reply many days do you wait before you text them back?

I'm waiting two is that long enough?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well if they don't reply within 24 hours, I usually understand they aren't interested.

    I wouldn't text them more, then, but if you really need so, wait a couple days indeed. But don't expect too much of it.

    • My text didn't necessarily need a comeback though...idk so much confusion with texting someone

    • Usually a flirt won't expect an answer before one hour, so take your time to think of something interesting and calling for an answer when you write.

      Don't kill the chat, keep it alive ;)

What Girls Said 1

  • I'd send a second text a few hours later just in case they didn't get the first one for some reason. Then if I hadn't heard back by the next day I'd assume they weren't interested and drop it.

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