White and spanish guys opinion on dating black girls?

I rarely see black girl-white/Spanish guy couples in any high school, but vice versa couples are common. Is it preference? your friends? family? are you afraid to approach them? or stereotypes? very curious! (: (I'm 16, black and attracted to white/Spanish guys more...black guys have tried to talk me but I just never found them attractive enough)


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  • Well, when you get out in the adult world, you will see all kinds of couples,

    Some men will find it taboo, others will have a preference for it, and others won't see "color" in the dating scheme.

    Stereotypes will play a role, both in a positive and negative way.

    Meaning that they will hear things that will cause interest and they will hear things that

    will cause them to detract from becoming interested.

    Even if you find you are marginalized by your preference, you should concern yourself

    with like minded individuals who would be interested and not so much with those who don't.


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  • I'm attracted to very few black and Spanish girls but some have certainly caught my eye. If I find them attractive and they can speak and dress correctly, I will be interested in asking them on a date.


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  • Spanish as in from Spain? They tend to stick to themselves or date Caucasians(Europeans)

    If you mean Mexicans or whatever, it's frowned upon. It's dating down. But dating whites isn't necessarily dating 'up.' A lot of Mexican parents will disown their kids if they date/marry black.

    Whites are generally not attracted to black girls. Black girls are the polar opposite in terms of skin color, hair type and facial features. Black women are too masculine to white men. They're not racist, it's just a preference.

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