Does being this nervous ever happen to anyone else?

Ever since I moved to the city I live in now 2 years ago, communication with many of the guys I've been interested in, and even some of the ones I dated seemed to have just fizzled. Guys I went on dates with 5 or 6 times would just stop contacting me, and we would stop seeing each other because we stopped talking--not something I feel bad about. However, this happened enough that I think it's affected my confidence, and now I freak out (in my own mind) every time one of my text messages isn't responded to. Does anyone else feel this way?

Recently I've been on a few dates with a guy I really like. And judging by him kissing me 3 nights ago, and us talking about plans to see each other next week, I would like to trust that he likes me.

But last night he didn't respond to my text saying I was excited to see him next week, nor did he respond to my text earlier today telling him my opinion of how bad my team is playing. So now I'm nervous about it and thinking negative thoughts, rather than remembering that our date went really well a few days ago. Somewhere in the back of my mind think that he is going to cancel our date, although it's just a small part.

Does this happen to anyone else? Girls or guys? How do I stop thinking about what could be wrong? How do I trust guys in general to say what they want instead of just not saying anything?


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  • Ahhh, the wonderful world of dating!

    Here's what's important to remember.. the majority of the men/women who date, are dating multiple people. So whenever one of them stops contacting you, it simply means someone has beaten you out. It's normal. The same thing happens to everyone who's dating, especially if you're doing online dating.

    So, to answer your question, no, it is absolutely NOT you, and yes, it happens to a lot of people. The trick is to just not lose your patience and keep at it. Eventually you'll meet someone who is just as invested in you, as you are in them! It can get frustrating though. Hang in there, and best of luck to you.

    • So you think he's lost interest even though we are going to a professional football game together (we already have tickets) on Sunday? I would hope he wouldn't want to spend the entire day with me if he's lost interest.

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    • Yes, I definitely agree with you it's very odd behavior. He trash talked my team the day we made plans to buy the tickets (over text), but stopped responding after we finalized the plans. The 1st text he didn't respond to was an after comment about our plans (30 min after making them) and then the 2nd test was about my team losing again. But there were also a few texts he didn't respond to before our 2nd date. He also just got back from being deployed 2 weeks ago. Do you see why I'm so confused!

    • And I'm bothered by it too! Thanks for your thoughts though.

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