Should I put my dating profile back up if he hasn't taken his down?

I have hidden my dating profile for a few weeks now, but the guy I have been seeing is still checking his profile daily - should I put my profile back up?

He said he is not dating any others girls and that he just doesn't how to cancel his profile - I want to believe him (and be trusting and all that) but at the same time I don't want to be taken as an idiot…


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  • Don't try playing stupid mind games.

    If you want to put your profile up, then put it up.

    If you want him to stop checking, then help him cancel his profile.


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  • That's totally up to you... until you guys have "the talk" about being exclusive, both of you are under no obligation to stop seeing other people.

    • @Update: He says he doesn't know how to cancel his profile. Okay, that says maybe. But why does that mean he has to log in and check his matches every day?

  • You have hidden your profile because you take dating him seriously.

    He doesn't.

    Make your own conclusion.


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