How would a guy I like feel if I told him that I liked him but I couldn't date him?

I'm really busy with work at the moment, I'm already seeing someone, I'm leaving overseas, have so much on my mind that I'm not dating material...there are plenty of reasons...I'm being honest that I like him, but I'm also not able to date him, how NOT to crush his heart? how to flatter him while giving my reasons?.


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  • Easiest way is to give him a future specific time that you will no longer be as busy as now. If you tell him to go away and do not give him any hope of seeing you in the future, it is no different from a direct refusal. Be specific, tell him that in March things will have quitened down and you would love to go on a date with him.

    If you do not want to, or cannot give him a timeframe for your unavailability, then you may as well tell him no quickly and directly.

    • ok here's the issue, we both know that we like each other because we have common friends, but he did something that hurt me and that I can't forgive him for doing nor can I get over it, but I also can't do anything about it or even discuss it with him because we were not involved. I know he's asking me out this week because he told our common friend, and I do want tell him that I like him in person, but I can't tell him the real reason why I don't want to date him, and all the above reasons are

    • could apply in my case. I know he didnot expect to hurt me but I still can't get over it, and at the same time I can't talk about it so I 'm thinking of using any of the above reasons because they're also true. I can't deny that I like him now because he knows that I do.

    • Bad move. Don't lie. Do not use excuses that are not true, or you'll just be entangled in a web of lies that you'll never get out of.

  • If you want it clean, be direct. "I can't date you because I don't want a relationship with you".

    This way there is no hint he could change anything, and even if it hurts a little, it will limit the heart-breaking factor.


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