Have you ever ruined a relationship over text/email? Do you have a story that others can learn from?

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In today's world, we seem to use written communication so much more than we do face-to-face, or even phone calls. So much is lost by the written word, or can easily be misinterpreted.

I'm just looking for people's personal experiences (if you're willing to share them) about things you might have said over text or email that ruined a relationship or dating opportunity that was going well before the text. Did you say something that was misinterpreted? Was it a bad time? Did you send something hastily or more harsh than you intended because you didn't have to see the other persons face of hear their voice?

Is there something the rest of us can learn not to do when texting with our significant other, or someone that we hope will be our significant other?

Or has just the act of texting too frequently ruined the relationship?


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  • I think the main problem is to be able to formulate exactly what you mean when you write something. And even when it is well-written, there are problems of understanding.

    Having 900 words for a vocabulary is just not enough, and that's what the majority of people have.

    So many people seem to just be unable to use/understand all the subtelties of language.

    In a mail, you can have more opportinities to express ideas or feelings, but most people have a TL;DR approach with texts and anyway, I am not sure they would understand the logical implications suggested.

    I reserve SMS to organizing meetings or very light talk. In 200 characters, what can you say ? Nothing.

    Anyway, recently I wrote a poem to a woman I was dating. It took me several hours to express what I meant, given the rime constraints, and the syllabic construction of a sonnet, and the choice of the exact words to use.

    I was enchanted to discover that had made me become a literary curiosity, that she hadn't understood a single word, and that she blamed me over it. The joys of dating the illiterate 99%.

    That's a good thing to limit communications with dates or potential dates.

    • @Update : Guys don't like texting much, but in itself, it's not a valid reason for ruining a relationship.

  • This is why I don't like texting. There's just so much room for misinterpretation, and you don't get to hear the others' person's tone of voice.

    Anyway, to answer your question, I've gotten in some sticky situations in texts. When something like that happens I like to just call the girl and figure it out that way. So much easier.


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