When to text him and when to wait?

So I met this guy on Match.com. We talked via email for the first few days then he gave me his cell number. I texted him and we have been talking ever since. He asked me out for last Friday and we went to a really nice restaurant for dinner. We ended up continuing our date and grabbed a drink at the bar. We had a really good time! He gave me a kiss goodnight and said he would call me the next day. He did :) We ended up going out again on Saturday to get some coffee and see a movie. Conversation flowed with us, and I really like him from what I can get so far. We talked yesterday via text but we couldn't hangout cause I had plans with some friends and he had plans with his parents. He said he would call when he was done with his parents house and he did. This might be a little nerotic but I haven't heard from him at all today! I don't want to be clingy and text him, but I'm so far out of the dating scene that I'm not sure what to do? he's a cop and I know he worked all night so he very well could be sleeping but I guess I am kind of shocked I haven't heard from him yet. I've been hurt A LOT by guys so I may be jumping the gun here, but I guess my question is would it be bad to text him? I just don't know what's appropriate anymore and what is, lol. Any advice would be great! Thanks!


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  • My personal texting rule when I'm not sure is if I sent the last text message I put the ball back in his court and now it's his turn to get a hold of me and vice versa since he did call you, call or text him and make plans, it couldn't hurt.