What's the deal? Help me interpret his actions! Is it because I'm not in town anymore?

I've worked with this guy for 4 years and we finally hung out at his house watched movies and talked.. After a few times we hung out again at is house but a friend of ours joined and the two if them drank... Long story short I go home the guy calls me and confesses that he's liked me for 2 years and just couldn't work up the nerve to tell me.. We hung out again after that conversation at his house again watched movies and made out pretty intensely...I left town for school the next day and he texted me to have a safe drive and what not but since then nothing! No text or anything and it's been a good 3 weeks..what's up with that? Is it because I'm not in town anymore?

How can you go from constantly texting someone and then just stop cold turkey with no explanation...


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  • Why don't you reach out to him and see what's up

    There could be a million different reasons but only he knows. If you're interested in getting back in touch then do it. If you don't want to just say what's up out of the blue, then send a funny video or pic and say this reminded me of you or something