Why would he give every indication he's interested in me, make future date plans, but not respond to my texts?

I've gone out with a guy twice in the past 2 and half weeks, and we've both had a great time. He's already kissed me, so I know he's interested in me. But what is weird, and normally a red flag, is that he doesn't respond to my texts--unless they have to do with making plans to go on another date.

He will respond to specific questions, or let me know that he wants to go out, but he doesn't respond to comments I make, or will stop texting after we have solidified our plans. We are going to a concert this weekend, which we already have tickets for and planned over a text conversation. I've text him twice since we made the plans 2 days ago (nothing to do with the date), but he hasn't responded. Any ideas as to why?


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  • Texting for guys is usually only to set up dates. Texting about your day are what friends do not lovers


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  • im going through the same thing with this guy I'm dating right now. He's told me he's sper busy and he's been away a lot. I've come to the conclusion that maybe its too early to expect a lof of communication. Some guys don't like texting or they only feel the need to force that once they fall in love.

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