Does he still like me or should I just give up?

So there's this guy and technically we're just friends at this point but apparently it's obvious to everyone that we both like each other and we used to always kind of flirt with each other last year (we're in college) and he used to drunk text me a lot (not in a hook up kind of way but in a "I'm too shy to talk to you when I'm not drunk" kind of way) and this year I've texted him twice on weekend nights asking like "what's up?" or "what are you doing?" and he never responds anymore.. However I see him staring at me on campus a lot (I don't say hi though cause I feel awkward about him not responding to my texts) and he saw me walk by once while he was driving and honked at me. So I'm kinda confused as to whether or not he still likes me or not. I also kind of have a suspicion that he might like this other girl too because she's his top friend on snapchat and he has a lot of Facebook pics with her (they're her pics not his) and she captions them with things like "Look how cute we are" and she pretends to kiss him and stuff and then he makes them his profile picture. So I'm not sure. Do I still try or give up?


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  • It sounds like he's invested in the other girl, and just doesn't have the nerve to tell you. If he was truly interested in you he'd be answering your texts. He's probably saying "hello" when he sees you to be friendly.

    I'd hold off on texting him anymore until he decides he wants to get back in touch with you. It's definitely not you, it sounds like you just missed that "more than friends" window, but I'm sure it'll present itself again. If it does, and you like him, jump on the opportunity to ask him out.

  • well if you don't act fast, you might as well give up! its really annoying when girls don't say high and are awkward. it seems that he will soon get with that other girl because she is so much more approaching! she is taking charge and snatching your guy! and 90% of the time a guy is gonna choose the girl he is comfortable with other than the awkward one, even if he likes the awkward one more. so my advice is be a little more like her and be the one to start a convo and show him that he can be comfortable around you. hope you the best of luck!


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