How do I tell if it's a date or we're just hanging out?

So I've known this girl since Freshman year, but I haven't really spoken to her until about three weeks ago. Long story short, she got my number from a friend and txtd me about something she noticed that we had in common. We have been texting back and forth for the last week and a half and we ended up going to the movies together tonight. (she asked me to bring her)

Here's the thing about this girl, though. She is VERY nice, and it's insanely hard to tell if we just have a lot in common and she wants to hang out as friends, or if she's interested. I've never gotten so many mixed messages from a girl before. It's been things like "pick me up at 9, o but let me help with the tab"(although I still paid for everything) since the beginning. Half the people I ask say she has to like me, and the other half say she's just being nice.

I really do like her, but I feel like I'm setting myself up for disappointment and heartbreak here. I've been on my fair share of first dates and after tonight I'm STILL in the dark. We didn't hold hands, but we had great conversation the whole time and I did the old fashioned open the car door kind of routine and she smiled every time I did it. We also planned to go to dinner on Thursday, which happens to be my birthday which she said she was going to buy me something for...

Girls, I'M CONFUSED and it's all I can think about. Any help? please...?


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  • SLOW DOWN. Just enjoy the moment, stop worrying if she likes you or not. You're confused, because you're looking too far ahead. I would consider your situations dates, so just keep doing what you're doing and she'll let you know if it's more than friends. People always want to rush things and dive right into dating and when the other person is enjoying the moment the person rushing gets confused about how they feel. So enjoy your dates, her company, and give her some time to develop more feelings for you.


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