My boyfriend comfortable or not interested anymore?

I am 18 and he's 16 going on 17.

He started being a real ass recently and its begun to bother me We have been dating 6 months, and we are friends (who met a year prior, spent a year apart then met up again and hooked up) Its mostly been long distance because he has to leave out of state during the summer and now he's at a boarding school in another city and comes home on weekends.

I tell him everything I do, and love to talk but he mostly talks about school and people there. Nothing mundane. He doesn't visit much anymore (my family is a bit rude though) We don't do much where we used to visit movies or hike or something. He's become an ass sitter. He doesn't text much either but he never really has but now he blatantly will ignore stuff.

It was like all this happened two weeks ago after I sorta was clingy and decided to visit him, but he still kept saying he loved me and pleased me and didn't ask anything in return. but the next weekend he didn't message me except for weird incoherent messages and didn't say if he was home even. So we didn't see each other he sent me a message "hate the player not the game" too?

The only thing that happened that day was I accidentally spellchecked and sent an awkward message openly to a guy on Facebook but I corrected myself? He seemed distance since that day though, and then this weekend I went over and he cuddled me and kept saying he loved me and we were foreplaying a bit too. I wasn't affectionate though cause I was annoyed at him and he was really horny that weekend which annoyed me too.

He's very touchy, and can't keep his hands off me. I don't think its about sex always though, (he doesn't demand anything and even offered me oral with nothing in return) he acts like he wants to pleasure me usually. We had sex (my demand) and opened up a lot. Lost our virginities too.

He also picks on me so much these days its driving me crazy, he never used to do that and now he won't stop. I always says everything is okay or I don't mind, but he's quit being polite and nice like he used to it because I let him off the hook too easy usually? He acts all superior but he gets really quiet if I mention other guy friends etc.

At night he won't contact me all day but say "night love you" or something to that effect.

I am just so annoyed and I have implied and implied but maybe I'm being too emotional and nothing is wrong? I'm wondering if since going to that new school he lost interest in me or if he's just really comfortable because I'm always okay with everything?

Last night he just said " night" not even love you. I said night love you and he replied love you to. Then again I say night all the time without saying love you to him so he might be giving me a taste of my own medicine too.


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  • teenage boys are ass holes by nature, get a new boyfriend in his early 20s, still immature, just not as immature as you.


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  • Omg the immaturity is showing. Really you're gonna read into whether who said I love you when. More proof it isn't love. Love isn't that childish.

  • You're both young and this is normal because it's not love. You should take a break from each other and live your lives.

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