Guys, how would you feel if a girl you liked texted you this after not speaking for a few days?

"So, did you just need another contact in your phone or do you plan on using it? :)"

He asked what I was doing this past weekend, but it was last minute and I was busy. We talked, but our conversation ended a few nights ago. He hasn't made contact since. I think he's waiting to see if I'm interested, since it looks like I shot him down, but didn't. Is it humorous, or too mean? Any suggestions? He says he likes women to be upfront and honest.


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  • I mean it sounds definitely like the girl would be trying to make a move. So I would make plans with her

    • He kind of called me a friend, then asked me out, then disappeared. I'm not sure what is going on, but I think he's shy. So, you don't think he would be turned off by this? It's not too mean? Part of me wants to just say "Hi :)" but that really doesn't imply anything.

    • Its not that mean lol, because the ending is nice. He shouldn't be turned off by it

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